Thanks For A Great 2013: A Letter from our Editor.

3ae1e892013 has been a great year for The African Book Review. What was once an idea rising from many intense conversations with friends, professors, parents and elders around the globe, made its way into reality.

We’ve focused not just on reviewing strong classics such as So Long A Letter but also inspiring tales of courage such as A Long Way Gone, poetry infused with passion in the midst of oppression such as A Simple Lust and groundbreaking work, painful but necessary to read such as We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We will Be Killed With Our Families. 

We’ve had conversations with established gurus like Sefi Atta and emerging writers such as Ishmael Beah. We’ve even looked beyond the continent to sit with poets changing the way we interact with poetry as an art form, in a conversation with Alessandro de Francesco. 

2013 has been a great start to what we at the African Book Review hope to grow beyond a website and into a movement. A place for African writers and artists to not only be heard by the rest of the world but to interact with other voices from Africa, and for every book lover, scholar, casual reader and voracious writer out there to find and explore the worlds emerging out of African literature.

As editor and curator of The African Book Review, I don’t believe in resolutions. Certainly not those made on a whim because everyone else is making them. I do believe in goals and in crafting each day, month, year that passes into one better than the last. We at the review look forward to 2014 and a year of exciting new books to read, interviews, authors, partnerships, and a year of new readers such as yourself, reading, writing and engaging with the vast sunrise that is African Literature.

With many thanks to you our readers
here’s to a wonderful 2014.

Etinosa Agbonlahor,
Founder & Curator
The African Book Review.

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