For Rwanda, Because We Never Forget

African Soulja

Twenty years ago this week, Rwanda experienced the greatest tragedy in living memory. The word ‘genocide’ has become a synonym for what happened in those dark 100 days that led to the hacking, axing, shooting, clubbing, killing of 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in one of the bloodiest spectacles man has witnessed. Man was to man, prey; man was to man, scavenger.

But 20 years on, Rwanda has risen out of the ash. Today, the country is holding itself together, patting itself, beating a new path to a new place where Rwanda means prosperity. Where Rwanda means oneness! Where Hutu and Tutsi and Twa mean nothing. Where Rwandan means everything! Let me share with you this poem I wrote to mark 20 years since the genocide. Folow on twitter, #Kwibuka20 and #Rwanda20yrs. God bless the 400 Ghanaian peacekeepers who defied our government’s orders and the orders of the UN…

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