Namibia: Namibia | Mvula Ya Nangolo

I’ve returned here for many a reason

I’ll certainly live here for many a season

Like thousands of others I hear its heartbeat

My heart opens up when I am in the mountains

Where I can be alone with my thoughts


I’ve returned here to be in the deserts

I love to hear the sound made by sand dunes

I am one of those who perceive the rhythm

Of a landscape as recorded in many paintings

I am one of thousands who know I am finally home


I’ve indeed returned here for many a season

This is my God-given beautiful country

That very mountain over there and across

The deserts sandwiching my African land

Even though I don’t own anything, it’s my land too.


Culled from Watering the Beloved Desert (Makanda: Brown Turtle Press, 2008)

Mvula ya Nangolo was born in Oniimwandi, northern Namibia. He studied journalism in Namibia, then Germany, working for two major radio networks in Central Europe before returning to Africa, first to Tanzania, where helped launch ‘the Namibian Hour’ on Radio Tanzania, then to Zambia, where he served as commentator, producer and news reader for Zambia Broadcasting Services, the national radio station. His first collection of poetry, From Exile, was published in 1976, and his second, Thoughts From Exile was published in 1991. His poems have appeared in many publications, including the anthology When My Brothers Come Home: Poems from Central and Southern Africa (1985). Mvula is the National Poet of Namibia.



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