Rwanda: Void | Ndahiro Bazimya


A void is all they see
No covering mask, but still a mystery.
A face that reveals like an open book :
But one with blank pages in a searching look.
In this empty void,

But know this creates the strongest shield
Against prejudiced minds and devious hearts.
For none but I may understand the thoughts,
Of this void of mine.

But sometimes don’t you see,
When golden dawn breaks over a formless sky?
A flicker, a flash, a beam of light.
But if this happens, what will be the fate
Of this empty void of mine?

But know this is no ordinary void :
For in my mind’s eye I see :
Of broken promises, failed goals, dead dreams.
Yes as I walk, I feel, I see, I hope ;
I know one day in my mind there will no longer be
This void of mine.

Ndahiro Bazimya is a Rwandan poet. Find more Rwandan poetry here:



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