A Letter From Our Editor: Thanks For A Wonderful 2014

Dear Readers, 

he African Book Review marked its first year in 2014. During this period we reviewed classic and upcoming African literature, and interviewed some of the best writers on the continent. From original poetry, to insightful interviews and essays, we had our fingers on the pulse of creativity within Africa and around the diaspora.

The African Book Review wouldn’t exist without writers, editors, reviewers, and readers around the world. We’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of this incredible project. It’s amazing to note how quickly we’ve grown while retaining a high standard of quality content.

We’re excited to collaborate with more readers, artists, and writers; those concerned about the continent, those engaged and active within it, and those whose works reflect the vibrancy of African literature, as ours does.

To a great 2015!


Etinosa Agbonlahor | Editor, Curator | The African Book Review

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