Heart’s Eye View | Niyi Osundare

Left Paris
Several heartthrobs ago

Past Madrid
Now flying over Marrakech

One fast sweep
Over the sprawling Sahara

And on to the angel
Waiting by the sea

Every wingstep brings me
Closer to your wondrous arms


Niyi Osundare is Professor of English at University of New Orleans, USA, and one of the best-known poets from Africa. His works of published poetry include Songs of the Marketplace (1983), Village Voices (1984), A Nib in the Pond (1986), The Eye of the Earth (1986), Songs of the Season (1987), Moonsongs (1988), Waiting Laughters (1990), Selected Poems (1992), Midlife (1993), The Word is an Egg (2000) and Tender Moments (2006). Osundare has also published four plays and essays on literature, politics and culture. 

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