Gabon: Sabia the Arabian Mystic | Aida Touré

From the Black Light,
you blew particles
to the souls of the first soul,
gracefully holding the pen
of existence itself,
you dictated these secrets
to the euphoric beings
who embodied your cosmic,
whirling obscurity,
the very sign of Luminosity
Look, your ancient Scrolls
scurry across space still,
and moved, we shed tears!
O Eastern Wind,
you who selflessly taught
the Way of the pure Heart,
we rejoice for you have come
anew to mirror the glory
of Allahu’s Love!


Aida Touré was born in Gabon. She has multiple poetry collections including Unmanifest Poems (2000), The Sublime Sphere (2001), and Nocturnal Light (2003). In 2005 she took up painting as a way to convert the spirituality in her poems into a visual landscape of beauty. She has referred to this art work as Visual Sufi Poetry. She blogs at


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