Egypt: (If the Sun Drowns) إذا الشمس غرقت | Ahmed Fouad Negm

If the sun drowns in a sea of clouds
And extends a wave of darkness onto the world
And vision dies in the eyes of the vigilant
And the road is lost in lines and circles
O shrewd traveler in straight lines and in circles,
You have no guide but the eyes of speech 

Arabic Original
إذا الشمس غرقت في بحر الغمام
ومدت على الدنــيا مــوجة ظــــلام
ومات البصر في العيـون والبصايــــر
وغاب الطريق في الخطوط والدواير
يا ساير يا دايــر يا ابــو المفهومــــية
ما فيش لك دليـل غير عيون الكلام

Ahmed Fouad Negm (1929-2013), popularly known as el-Fagommi الفاجومي, was an Egyptian vernacular poet. He was widely regarded for his work with Egyptian composer Sheikh Imam, as well as his patriotic and revolutionary Egyptian Arabic poetry.


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