Equatorial Guinea: Plaza de España| Marcelo Ensema Nsang

Cae la tarde cansada
sobre un ritmo de palmera
calzado de primavera
humana en voz desbandada.
Arriba, la luna ronda
su plata y, enamorada,
gira su gracia redonda
-entre el cortejo de arneses
guiñando luz estrellada-
por los góticos cipreses
que alzan una campanada.

English Translation by David Shook

The tired afternoon fell
upon a rhythm of palm
dressed in spring
human in dispersed voice.
Up(wards), the moon round (in)
its silver &, in love,
spins its round thanks
-between the courtship of harnesses
yawing starry light-
by the gothic cypresses
that raise a peal.

Marcelo Ensema Nsang is a poet from Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish speaking country in Africa. Marcelo left Guinea in 1961 to study at the seminary in Granada (Spain) and was ordained a priest in 1973. He returned to Equatorial Guinea in 1974.

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