Somalia: Perfection (excerpt) | Faysal Aw-Cabdi Axmed

Let me tell you some more of what makes her so special.
Hibo is the very best woman that I’ve ever seen.
Her mother’s foresight has protected her good name and honour.
Her father is a principled man who has shown great courage.
And her respected, tight-knit family stands at her side.
God gave her slenderness and a flawless character.
She is modest and she never strays.

Capable of building a home and raising a family,
this woman is complete and cannot be surpassed.
She stands out from other women like the dhamas tree* soars above the
You’d die with her, you’d die for her and forever you’d be with her.
And before death claims me, I must make her mine.

Faysal Aw-Cabdi Axmed was born in Hargeisa in 1968. He attended secondary school in Somalia  and moved to London for university. He now owns a restaurant and is a TV presenter. He’s written over 200 poems and 350 songs to date.

Culled from Poetry Translation Center.