Our goal here at the newly established (!) ABR is to provide a platform to truly engage with African arts from a literacy perspective, exploring new, established, and upcoming African writers.

Books are a portal into our world, yes, the Africa that is never shown on television, the Africans who are always silent props in the western imagination, books give them the chance to not just speak the truths that they have spoken for centuries but to be heard and actively listened to by the rest of the world.

But we don’t want to only talk about books, we want to engage with Africa and Africans in as many ways as possible and explore what it means, not just to be African, but to be human.

So we thought, we’d have projects. Each month, with each book reviews, we’d have a special project about Africa/Africans/Literature.

We’re just starting out but we’re really excited to see where this goes and watch as more people become not only acquainted with but intimately connected to African Literature.