Angola: Testamento | Alda Lara

To the youngest prostitute
In the oldest and darkest barrio
I leave my earrings
Cut in crystal, limpid and pure…

And to that forgotten virgin
Girl without tenderness
Dreaming somewhere of a happy story
I leave my white dress
Trimmed with lace…

I leave my old rosary
To that old friend of mine
Who doesn’t believe in God…

And my books, my rosary beads
Of a different suffering
Are for humble folk
Who never learned to read.

As for my crazy poems
Those that echo sincerely
The confusion and sadness in my heart
Those that sing of hope
Where none can be found
Those I give to you my  love…

So that in a moment of peace
When my soul comes from afar
To kiss your eyes
You will go into the night
Accompanied by the moon
To read them to children
That you meet along each street…


ALDA LARA (1930- 1962) was an Angolan poet and lusophone writer. Born in southern Angola, she attended the University of Coimbra in Portugal and obtained a degree in medicine. She lived in Portugal for thirteen years, during which time she was an active contributor to Mensagem,  a prominent literary journal published by African students living and studying in Portugal. Read some of her poems in Portuguese here. 

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