SAPPED by Felix Edjeren

The worms fight greedily for the corn.
Making me muse and muse.
Suddenly, the ground moves.
My hands clutch the door post
Pounding heart tearing the painful head.
`Lord, spare this struggling life
Next pay will be food first
If I’ve not learnt too late’

At the buka, the changeless topics
`SAP has marginalized us all’
Mama Put has learnt
So many new words already
`When will the universities be re-opened?’
`When will Gani be released?’
`Have you heard that… blah blah blah’

The voices reach me from a distance.
I toil through the salty soup.
Gradually, strength returns.
The foul tang of bore-hole water
Stings the senses …
I am my society’s oblation.
Lost, the will to complain.


Felix Edjeren is a Nigerian poet